Rules 2017

9. Checkpoints and race assistance: Along the track, several checkpoints are positioned. Participants that do not pass all checkpoints will be disqualified. Disqualification is also necessary if an athlete deliberately delays the arrival, moves away from the official race track, is overtaken by the patrols closing the track and /or if he/ she is not able to continue the race.
On Saturday, only the classic technique is permitted, while on Sunday the race in free technique takes place. The use of free technique during Saturday’s race leads to disqualification. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to change the skis during the race. No one has the right of “free track” when passing by other competitors.
The jury and delegates along the track are able to disqualify or sanction competitors if their behavior is not correct or they may cause damage to others. Those, which have been disqualified, have to take off their bib, if they want to continue on the race track. They still can use the same services as the other athletes (refreshment, medical care, shuttle service etc). Along the race track medical and technical (waxing and pole change) services are provided, as well as refreshment stands.

10. Free Waxing service:
Friday, 10.02.2017 from 02.00pm till 07.00pm
Saturday, 11.02.2017 from 02.00pm till 07.00pm

11. Shuttle service: On Saturday, 11.02.2017, a shuttle service is provided from Cortina d’Ampezzo (central bus station) to Toblach/ Dobbiaco (train station). On Sunday, the shuttle goes from Toblach/ Dobbiaco (train station) to the starting area (Fiames Sport Nordic Center). Service is provided before and after the race and it is free of charge for participants.

12. Transportation of changing bags: All personal belongings must be put in the provided colored changing bags and be brought onto the provided vehicle of the OC. The bags have to be marked with the bib number and are redistributed in the finish area, where showers and changing rooms are provided (Cortina: Palestra Revis; Toblach: Nordic Arena). According to the start wave, the bags have different colors. Please remember your bag’s color in order to speed up the redistribution. Changing bags that have not been collected within an hour after the maximum time can be picked up at the Race office or the Organizing Committees office at Toblach (Nordic Arena). The OC is not responsible for delivery to the participant’s domicile, it happens on behalf of the participant and on its own costs. The OC is not responsible for valuables put into the changing bag.

13. Prize giving ceremony: The prize giving ceremony takes place on Saturday at 01.00pm in the city center of Cortina d’Ampezzo and on Sunday at 12.00pm in the cross-country stadium of Toblach (Nordic Arena). Combination Ranking: The race in classic technique (Saturday) and the race in free technique (Sunday) count for the Combination ranking.
Not collected prizes: will be stored in the OC’s office and can be picked up within a months after the races by their owners. If the OC has to send the prizes by post to their owners, this happens on the owner’s costs. 

14. Complaints:  Any complaints regarding conflicts with other athletes can be forwarded to the jury within 30 minutes after the race. Any complaints regarding the classification (racing time) have to be forwarded within 30 minutes after the posting. A charge of 100,00€ will apply and returned in case of acceptance. 

15. Cancellation: 50% of the registration fee will be reimbursed (less eventual bank fees) if the OC has to cancel the event more than 24h before start. If cancelation is made less than 24h before start, the organizer will have the right to keep paid fees
In case of the lack of snow, the OC is entitled to set an alternative race track or to change the event’s date.

16. Responsibility: With the registration and payment of the corresponding fee, the participant agrees without exception to the above rules. For matters not covered by this rules, the rules contained in the FIS chart for promotional competitions „Popular races“ and the rules set up by „Ski Classics“ will apply. The OC may change the rules on its own behalf.
The athlete notices that the Gran Fondo Dobbiaco – Cortina requires significant physically and technically efforts. For this reason, every competitor, when entering the race, must be personally responsible for declaring to be properly trained and releases the OC from every liability regarding accidents before, during or after the event causing damage on third persons and/ or their property.
Every Italian citizen declares to be in possession of a valid medical certificate as foreseen in the rules.
By registering, the participant agrees to release the organizer, sponsors, public institutions and land owners from all liabilities.
The medical team has the right to prevent participants from continuing the race, if reasoned.
The OC assumes no responsibility for the participant’s personal belongings.
According to article 10 of law no. 675/96 laying down provisions for the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data, the subscriber authorizes the Organization board to use your personal information to send you promotional material about the race, rankings, photos and anything else related to the event itself.

17. Accommodation:
All athletes must provide personally for their own accommodation. Information can be gathered at:
Tourism Information Toblach (BZ) - Tel: 0039-0474 972 132 - Fax: 0039-0474 972 730 -
Cortina Marketing – Se.Am. - Tel. +39 0436 869086 /

Subject to change without notice