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Competitive Sunday for Dobbiaco-Cortina with a great Visma Ski Classics Show. Lina Korsgren and Ermil Vokuev win on the new 38 km course in classic technique. On the women's podium there are Dahl and Fleten, while the men's Kardin and Persson. Excellent performance for the guys of Team Robinson: Cerutti and Patini win in classic technique

A new route and a lot of snow have revolutionized the Sunday of Dobbiaco-Cortina, the historic cross-country skiing that did not disappoint this year too. It was a complicated eve with various changes to the program and the race course, but the stubbornness and experience of the organizing committee still allowed the athletes, despite the heavy snowfalls of the past few days, to get on the track in total safety.

The competitive day with a fairytale scenario opened which the start at 8.20 dedicated to the women of the Visma Ski Classics circuit. A contest fought only in the first few kilometers since, after the 'Bonus Sprint' at the 'Nordic Arena' in Dobbiaco, it was Lina Korsgren who took off and greeted the company. An overwhelming action by the Swedin who lined up her opponents until they came off, arriving at the finish line alone. Behind her compatriot Ida Dahl was able to seize the opportunity to beat the Norwegian Emilie Fleten in the sprint, thus completing a totally Nordic podium. Best Italian Sara Pellegrini of Team Robinson arrived 20th.

The Pro Team Ski Classics men race started at 10.30 was quite different, with a quintet battling right up to the finish line. Even among the males, the 'Bonus Sprint' marks an important point of the race with the Russian Ermil Vokuev trying to make a selection in the second lap climb that leads to the war cemetery, with the prompt response of the 'Nordic' battalion led by Oskar Kardin with Emil Persson, Morten Eide Pedersen, Stian Hoelgaard and Petter Eliassen. The finish at the Nordic Arena is a fight for strong hearts, with the final straight featuring four athletes paired on the same line. Same time for everyone, but to win is the Russian Ermil Vokuev who plays a bad joke on the Scandinavians: second and third place for the Swedes Kardin and Persson leaving the Norwegian Pedersen off the podium. In 29th position the best Italian, Mauro Brigadoi of Team Sottozero Trentino Team Zorzi Max.

After the Visma Ski Classics competitions, at 12.30 it is time for the athletes of national interest to compete in the skating race, while 10 minutes later it is the turn of the participants of the classic technique, both on the 30 km route. In the Skating rae the French Thomas Chambellant is the male dominate, thanks to a splendid final sprint, and Céline Chopard Lallier among the women with a solo finish. Just down from the podium, for a few cents, Paolo Fanton of the Carabinieri Sports Center, while among the women the third step of the podium went to the Team Futura cross-country skier, Julia Kuen, author of a solid performance.

If skating speaks French, the Italian language takes over in classical technique. Men's race with the guys from Team Robinson to team up to make a selection, but the strategy fails and the sprint is inevitable. Lorenzo Cerutti (Team Robinson) wins, while Stefano Del Magro comes fourth. Monologue Italy and Team Robinson also in the female test in classic technique, where Asia Patini far precedes the opponents. Second place for another Team Robinson athlete, Caterina Piller, to complete a spectacular day for the Trentino team.

At the end of the event, the verdict of the race director, Nathalie Santer, despite all the difficulties, is positive: "There were so many things to put in line: snow and the Covid protocol above all! We dealt with it in the best possible way. We looked for the best compromise to please everyone with four races in a single day, it wasn't easy ”.

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