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Covid 19

The 45th Granfondo Dobbiaco Cortina races will take place in compliance with all the regulations and protocols that will be in force on the days of the competitions.

With the aim of guaranteeing a high level of safety for all the people involved and according to Health Authorities indications, access to all races’ areas and locations is reserved only for holders of EU Digital COVID Certificate – (or comparable foreign document) certifying anti-Sars-Cov-2 vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 infection. It will also be mandatory to wear FFP2 masks in all competition venues.

Please note, according to Toblach – Cortina rules (point 16) in case of cancellation of the race due to covid-19 all participants would register for the same 2023 race with a 100% discount.

Below you will find some useful links to find information on the FISI protocol, travel to and in Italy, situation in Italy:



Situation in Italy

Eligible to enter are all national and international athletes (both men and women), that have fulfilled the age of 18 by at the race day.

Note for Italian Citizens only: to participate in the race it is essential to show a valid “medical-sports certificate”, for details see Rules in Italian

Applications for registration from athletes who have suffered doping sanctions by sports and / or ordinary justice will not be accepted.

Registration can only be done ONLINE, by connecting to the platform directly from the official website, individual registrations by email or fax are not possible. 2000 bibs are available for the Saturday Classic race and 1000 bibs for the Sunday Free Technique race, on-line registrations will close on Wednesday 02/02/2022 – 11.59 pm or upon reaching the maximum number of registrations; last minute registrations on site will be possible during race office opening hours only if bibs are still available and will follow the same rules as those online.

Registration will be considered complete after payment of the fee and delivery of the required documents. The registration fees paid will not be refunded if the participant doesn’t start the race for any reason (including force majeure) or if he does not collect the bib. Registration is binding and cannot be transferred to next edition.

It is possible to replace the name of a participant with that of another athlete, this practice costs € 30 (thirty) as secretarial contribution. It is not allowed, under penalty of disqualification, or involving someone else with their name and bib, nor the exchange of bibs. The organization reserves the right to cancel incomplete registrations, cancelled registrations will not be refunded.

The registration fee includes: shuttle Service, before and after the race, from Cortina to Dobbiaco; waxing service; technical and medical assistance service; professional time-keeping; race pack with a gadget; race bib; transport service of clothing bags from the start area to the finish area; refreshments along the route and in the finish area; Pasta Party after the race; medal for all participants who finish the race within the maximum time; diploma of participation – to be downloaded from the site; photo shoot – individual photos can be purchased from the site.

The final refreshment will be served until 1 hour after the maximum time. For those suffering with Celiac Disease, special meals will be prepared (please inform us during registration process).

Every participant may choose his/her start wave during the online registration process. It is up to the participant to evaluate their own performance level and choose the respective start group. IMPORTANT: once chosen, the start wave CANNOT be changed

  • Elite Wave – Athletes with an active FIS code
  • Wave 1 – Race-experienced skiers (wave 1-3 at Vasaloppet)
  • Wave 2 – Good amateurs (wave 4-6 at Vasaloppet)
  • Wave 3 – Recreational skiers (wave 7-10 at Vasaloppet)

The ELITE group is reserved for athletes with an active FIS code. Athletes in possession of a valid FIS code must enter the FIS code when registering online.

The O.C. reserves the right to close access to individual starting groups upon reaching the maximum number provided for each group.

Race packs will be distributed at the race office in Grand Hotel in Dobbiaco from Friday to Sunday morning, distribution schedule and info see Race Program. All participants have to show a copy of the registration confirmation when they pick up their bibs (in paper or digital). Showing an identification document is not enough. Bibs can be picked up on behalf of other participants if the respective confirmation is shown. Important: it could be made mandatory to have and show documents set by law – relating to the containment of the pandemic.

The races, classic 42km on Saturday and 32km free technique on Sunday start from Dobbiaco (military airport). Start schedule and info see Race Program.

Timing is in real time; an electronic chip is applied to the disposable bib which allows you to record start, finish and split times. The chip is located on the back, so any backpack must be worn under the bib so as not to compromise its use. Competitors who are not accredited (electronically detected) at the start and are not recognized are automatically considered not started and excluded from the race. Please wear the bib even after the race in order to facilitate access to the services provided (Pasta Party, bus transport).

Participants who do not pass through the gates within the time limit or who are overtaken by the close-track relay will be considered out of the race. Those disqualified or out of time must turn the bib, they can finish the race at their own risk and under their own responsibility and use the services available to the participants, but they will not appear in the ranking. Gates closing times see Race Program and Official Plan

The organization provides the bags that must be marked with the bib number, the athletes will have to put away their personal clothing and load them on the vehicle made available in the start area. The bags will be transported to the finish area and distributed there. Each starting group has a different colour, remembering your own will make it easier to have it back.

Bags that will not be collected within one hour of closing the arrival gate can be collected at the headquarters of the Organizing Committee in Cortina or at the bib distribution office in Dobbiaco by making an appointment by telephone. Any shipment of bags, clothing or other material to the residence of the participants is a service subject to a fee including the costs of packaging, service and transport, the packages will travel under the responsibility of the recipients.

The Organizing Committee assumes no responsibility for money or valuables deposited in the clothing bags.

The days before the competitions a free waxing service will be offered at the Grand Hotel in Dobbiaco, schedules see Race Program.

Along the race track medical assistance points, technical assistance points (waxing service and pole change) and refreshment points are provided, see official track map.

On competition days the Organization provides participants with bus transport service, before and after the races, from Cortina d’Ampezzo to Dobbiaco. Shuttle is free of charge for participants, info and timetable see Race Program.

The Flower Ceremony will take place in the finish area after the arrival of the first three of the general ranking, prize giving ceremony will take place during the Pasta Party at the end of the races. The following positions in the general classification are awarded:

  • 42km Classic – 6 best classified women & men
  • 32km Skating – 6 best classified women & men
  • Combination Classic & Skating – 3 best classified women & men

The prizes winners must attend the awards ceremony, uncollected prizes will return to the organization’s availability.

FIS points are assigned for Dobbiaco Cortina races, as per Federation regulations, see RULES FOR FIS CROSS-COUNTRY POINTS 2.1.8

there are several checkpoints at the start, along the route and upon arrival, Judges Organization’ delegates will carry out random checks and may apply penalties and disqualifications.

Participants must follow instructions given from all event officials including race staff, volunteers, medical personnel, security officers and city officials throughout the duration of the event. The medical and first aid team has the right, if reason, to stop participants from continuing the race.

Please note: on Saturday only the classic technique is permitted, the use of free technique leads to disqualification, on Sunday the competition is free technique; the length of classic poles must not exceed 83% of the athlete’s height, the maximum length of skating poles must not exceed 100% of the athlete’s height (Equipment Regulations – International Competition Regulations cross-country skiing 343.8.1); it is forbidden to change skis during the race; there is no “free track” right for those who intend to overtake another athlete; participants must pass through all checkpoints, under penalty of disqualification; photographs and written testimonies of other competitors who are considered damaged by unfair and non-sporting behaviour may be used; O.C. reserves the right to conduct random anti-doping checks on participants. The O.C. invites the athletes to follow a behaviour of sporting fair play, as well as to give help and assistance to other participants, if they need it, during the race.

the event takes place in environmentally sensitive areas. Participants must not litter or damage in any way the environment in which the event takes place. Participants shall dispose their waste in the containers provided at the start and finish area and feeding stations. If convicted of littering the athlete can be fined and disqualified. The organization invites participants to take advantage of the bus transport made available and is committed to using recyclable or transferable containers for refreshments, without prejudice to any obligations established by anti-contagion regulations for the covid-19 emergency.

Any complaints from participants must be submitted to the jury in writing within one hour of the arrival of the first competitor, attaching a deposit of € 100.00. If the complaint is accepted, the deposit will be returned.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to limit the number of participants. Furthermore, the organizer reserves the right to determine an alternative track and/or to change the start time, the race distance or the date of the event due to external factors (ex. lack of snow).

In case of cancellation of the race due to force majeure or any other reason the registration fees will not be refunded; if the cancellation occurs more than 24 hours before the start of the race, participants may register for the 46 ° edition with a 50% discount.

Special Covid-19: in case of cancellation of the race due to covid-19, participants will be given a 100% discount on the registration fee for the next edition, the same applies to those registered who will not be able to reach the race due to prohibitions and / or travel restrictions established by law. ATTENTION: those participants who decide not to take part in the race despite the absence of explicit travel bans and / or restrictions established by law will not receive any type of discount and / or refund.

Participation in the event is at your own risk. Each competitor by registering implicitly declares to know that Dobbiaco-Cortina race requires considerable physical and technical commitment, to be in possession of the appropriate physical requirements, to be adequately insured and to release the Organizing Committee from any liability for accidents or damage to third parties and / or property of others, which may occur before, during and after the event.

By registering, the participants implicitly declare to know that their personal data will be processed by the Organization, therefore consent is given to the processing of personal data, processing that will be carried out electronically and in compliance with the obligations required by art. 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 2016/679. She / He also declares to accept the publication, in paper and digital form, of the starting lists and final rankings on the sites of the Event, FISI, FIS and of the timing company. By registering, the participant also declares to allow the publication of personal data on all media (websites, social, radio and press). For any corrections to your personal data, please write to

By registering, the participants implicitly authorize the organization to use images, fixed and / or moving, which portray them during their participation in the competition. It remains understood that the authorization to use one’s own image is given free of charge, without time and territorial limits, for use in various publications and films, including, by way of example and not limiting, promotional and / or advertising materials and made on all media. The organization may also transfer the rights of use provided for in this agreement to third parties, as institutional and commercial partners.